Four Tips for Food Displays

Posted by W.D. Colledge on May 1, 2019 12:11:23 PM

Four Tips for Food Displays

Whether it's in a hospital or a college cafeteria, foodservice operators have become savvier to the profit potential of point-of-sale and grab-n-go service. These retail centers have seen a big resurgence in usage, as the food-to-go market continues to grow.

While growth is good, it also makes it even more important to create displays that will stand out in the crowding marketplace. In order to increase the attractiveness of food products and facilitate impulse purchasing, there are a few things every operation should consider.


It goes without saying, foods that look better sell better, but we'll say it anyway. Foods that look better sell better. How you organize your display will have an enormous impact on how successful that display can be, and there are a few tricks to the trade.

First of all, are all items completely visible and well lit? Lighting and shelving can play a huge role. Make sure items are arranged on shelves to receive the ideal amount of focus. At the same time, creativity can help. Simple, seasonal décor can draw attention to certain areas of a food display case, so use decorations to your advantage.


With many grab-n-go displays and refrigerated food cases, temperature is the most important aspect as it can even impact safety and sanitation. If meats are not stored at proper temperatures, they can make people sick. If chocolates are stored at the wrong temperatures or humidity levels, they can whiten. The bottom line is keep foods displayed in optimal conditions.


One of the final parts of the equation is style. Every operation has a certain aesthetic or design, and a foodservice display case should help accentuate that style, in effect, drawing a customers attention. What works for you?

Curved and cantilevered lines cannot only add an air of elegance to an operation. They can also expand the viewing area of the case itself, maximizing the visibility of the products it contains. Straight, sleek lines can be trendier and turn foodservice into an experience similar to buying jewelry. There's no right or wrong here, but there is a choice to make.


Sometimes this can be difficult, as there are so many foodservice display case manufacturers and different options within those brands. Making the right choice depends on getting the right information from people you trust. At W.D. Colledge, we pride ourselves on being those people.

Schedule an assessment with us, and we'll get a foodservice display case expert to talk through your goals and challenges. Then we'll determine which case will be the most cost effective style to meet those objectives.

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