What Are Drain Water Tempering Devices and When Should You Use Them?

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Feb 28, 2019 3:39:54 PM

What Are Drain Water Tempering Devices and When Should You Use Them? 
A drain water tempering device is a small unit about the size of a stapler that prevents damaging, hot water from going down the drain. Essentially, it recognizes when water is too hot, and it adds cold water to the mix before it is drained.

Drain water tempering devices from Cool Drain Flow can be used on anything that expels hot water – dishwashers, steamers, or other appliances that emit hot water. They don’t require an electrical connection, making them easy to install, and they can even be used on existing warewashing units or retrofitted to any appliance.

Cool Drain Flow Drain Water TemperingCool Drain Flow’s drain water tempering devices are the perfect solution because they’re non-electric and work on any manufacturer’s equipment. They can be installed as a retrofit item or during the initial installation process.

So the next question becomes, when should you use a drain water tempering device?

Drain water tempering is needed discharged water exceeds 60º C. Most plumbing codes prohibit this because water temperatures that exceed it can damage the system and cause unwanted (and costly) harm.

Water that exceeds these temperatures can melt PVC piping and erode the coating of cast iron. When the coasting on cast iron is removed, rust will eventually form on the surface of the pipes causing them to deteriorate and fail.

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