The Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Kitchen Utensils

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Sep 8, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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When contaminated foods make their way downstream into food processing plants and foodservice industries such as restaurants, school cafeterias, and even in the produce section of your local grocery store, hospitalizations and deaths may follow. Often it is unsafe practices that contribute to kitchen utensils and surfaces that are both unclean and not sanitized.

Cleaning utensils is a necessary step in limiting cross-contamination of food, but these same utensils must also be sanitized to further reduce the level of dangerous pathogens that can linger on surfaces. Cleaning removes the visible food and soil from utensils, but sanitizing reduces the amount of illness-producing microorganisms to a safe level. 


Sani Station Cleans and Sanitizes Kitchen Utensils

Sanitizers and disinfectants are commonly used on kitchen work surfaces, but the utensils being used in the kitchen are often neglected. The Sani Station modernizes the cleaning and sanitizing procedures for utensils that uses a no-rinse solution and is easy to use. Even Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and E. Coli are destroyed with this dynamic utensil cleaner system. Difficult to clean utensils like peelers, slicers, and skewers have always been a source of concern for kitchen staff, but the Sani Station makes it easy to thoroughly clean and sanitize these unique kitchen gadgets.

A Sani Station unit is perfect for church kitchens, restaurants, school kitchens, and any Canadian food service or commercial cooking area where staff needs easy access to clean utensils. As a necessary step after washing utensils, the sanitation process will reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses which have caused approximately 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths in the U.S.

How the Sani Station Works

SaniStation_117_002_1024x1024@2x-300x200The Sani Station is small enough to be included in your personal kitchen workspace without cluttering valuable counter space. In 3 easy steps, the Sani Station will provide clean kitchen utensils between each use, especially when the kitchen staff is conducting tasks that take them between meat, poultry and fresh produce.

  • First, a heavy-duty RED Squeegee is provided to scrape food particles from the utensil to making the cleaning process much faster.
  • Next, the utensil is inserted is submerged in a solution and is rigorously brushed clean with the CENTER BRUSHES. Allow at least one minute for this cleaning process to be completed for best results.
  • Finally, the utensil is wiped clean of any excess sanitary solution on the GREEN Squeegee and left to air dry in the provided drying basket. There is no need to rinse the sanitary solution as it is a food-safe solution.

Best of all, the Sani Station can be positioned at the point of service for those restaurants that prep, cook, and serve foods from one centralized location such as pizzerias. The entire unit takes up only 5″ of space and is available with everything you need to get started with the Utensil Cleaner Stand Starter Kit. 

See it in action:



W.D. College specializes in the research and optimization of foodservice operations. We know restaurants and other foodservice outlets depend on customer satisfaction and efficient operations that are lean and cost-effective. That's why we always suggest the use of the Sani Station cleaning and sanitizing unit as another option for limiting foodborne illness due to cross-contamination between kitchen utensils and food products. 

If you're looking for ways to step up your sanitizing game, W.D. College can help.

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