The History of Beer in Canada

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Jun 9, 2020 10:49:13 AM

It's no secret that Canadians love their beer. Beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage across the country and has been for centuries. But how did beer brewing begin in Canada, and how did it become as popular as it is now? Today, we're taking you through Canada's rich history with this famous malt beverage. Cheers!

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Three Untraditional Drink Recipes That Will Change the Way You Think About Beverages

Posted by W.D. Colledge on May 19, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Beverage profitability is important, and just thinking outside the box in terms of how you use traditional beverage ingredients can often enhance that. Let's take a quick look at untraditional drink recipes that just might change the way you think about the beverages you serve in your Canadian foodservice operation.

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[Infographic] Choosing the Right Ice (and then Finding the Right Ice Maker)

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Jan 24, 2019 12:48:01 PM
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Analyzing the Rising Cost of Cocktails

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Nov 7, 2018 8:23:57 PM

In the last several years, we’ve seen an enormous rise in the cost of a craft cocktail. Whether we’re in a speakeasy or a craft cocktail bar located inside a trendy hotel, operators are trying to squeeze every ounce of profit out of every pour (as they should) sometimes literally.

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Three Ways to Make Your Beverage Program More Profitable

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Jul 22, 2018 8:30:00 AM

Beverages can be one of the most profitable product segments of any foodservice operation. Whether you're a cocktail bar or a coffee bar, trends show more and more consumers are looking for high quality, handmade, craft beverages.

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