A Quick Look at Ventless Dishmachines by Champion

Posted by W.D. Colledge on Dec 21, 2020 12:00:00 AM


Champion has developed a line of ventless warewashers that use reclaimed heat and steam from the previous load to preheat the water for the next load.  These space-saving dishmachines are very energy efficient and also ventless for ease of installation.

What Is Ventless Heating?

Champion Ventless 1000This is the science behind the new dishmachine technology that Champion engineers developed. It allowed them to design dishmachines that not only save energy by reclaiming heat and steam, but that also take up less space because they are ventless. These dishmachines no longer need a hood system or direct venting because of the unique design and highly effective heat-recovery systems involved.

Instead of wasting the heat and steam that's a natural byproduct of the dish cleaning process, Champion looked at ways of reclaiming it. They wanted to use it to heat up the incoming water for the next load. To do this, they first replaced the vent with a compartment at the top of the machine that is filled with radiator-type coils. This is the heat recovery unit.

Cold water is pumped up to the top of this compartment and then down through the steam-filled radiator coils. This causes the steam within the coils to condense back into water and also pre-warms the new water coming into the unit. Through this process, the 23 °C incoming water achieves another 23 °C rise in temperature, to approximately 46 °C.

This is roughly the same temperature that would have entered the dishmachine from a hot water tap. However, because of this heat recovery system, some of these Champion dishmachines only need a cold water tap connection. 

This pre-warmed water then travels down to the booster heater at the bottom of the warewasher where it is heated up to at least the 71 °C temperature required for proper dish sanitation. 

These Champion dishmachines have an auto-start function, four selectable cycles, an operator touch screen interface and on-board service diagnostics for worry-free operation. The Rinse Sentry function ensures that the final rinse will reach or exceed the approved temperature.

Sleep mode turns off all the internal heaters after four hours of idleness. The machine also has an automatic drain valve that drains the wash tank when the power is turned off.


Always Choose a Champion

200 ChampionSo far, Champion has introduced this new technology in select models of both its door and rack conveyor dishmachines. Now, no matter your preference or kitchen configuration, there is an energy-efficient, ventless dishmachine to suit your needs.

An added bonus is the relative ease with which these warewashers can be moved. Since they don't require a vent, they aren't considered a permanent fixture. This makes it easier to take your dishmachine with you if you move your operation to a different location.

Champion individually tests every machine before they sell it. When you buy a dishmachine from Champion, you're assured of getting a machine that will work properly from the first time you start it up!

Contact us today to learn more about how a ventless dishwasher may be the best option for your Canadian foodservice operation. We are eager to help you problem-solve and customize a plan of action with you.

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